How to make the hair fragrance last longer?

You’ve probably encountered this situation: when you’re on a bus or walking towards a beautiful woman with flowing hair, the fragrance wafting from their hair can leave a lasting impression. This is what we call “winning with fragrance.” For women, maintaining a lasting and pleasant scent not only enhances self-image but also beautifies the way others perceive you in various aspects of life, whether it’s in daily life, career, or love.

Today, I’ll share some clever tips from daily life on how to make the fragrance in your hair last longer, without being overridden by greasiness or odors. I hope this can help those with such needs or concerns, allowing you to have healthy hair while boosting your taste and confidence!

Clean Scalp

Before you shampoo, it’s advisable to comb your hair from top to bottom several times to remove any dust, dandruff, or other particles adhering to the hair strands. This will help in better cleansing during the shampooing process and promote the retention of the fragrance in your hair. In addition to this, we need to emphasize the cleanliness of our scalp. In daily life, many women are too eager to finish their hair wash quickly. They wash their hair in under ten minutes. However, in reality, our scalp doesn’t get enough moisture and cleaning in such a short time, which can lead to scalp problems over time.

No Residue of Hair Care Products

When using hair care products, I recommend everyone to put the product in the palm or a foaming device, rub it to create foam, and then apply it to the scalp and hair. This way, it will create a thin and even coverage over the scalp, without leaving residues or incomplete cleaning. Some people might think that deliberately not rinsing hair care products can make the fragrance last longer, but this idea is actually incorrect. Whether it’s leaving them deliberately or leaving residues, both will prevent the scalp from breathing, leading to rapid greasiness or even unpleasant odors.

Fragrant Essential Oils

To make your hair fragrance last longer, you can choose hair care products with a fragrance component. This can increase the concentration and density of the scent, so that even for a significant period after washing your hair, your hair will still carry the fragrance. Additionally, you can use hair essential oils. After drying your hair, apply a few drops of hair essential oil onto your palms and distribute it to the ends of your hair. It gives a non-greasy and instant feeling of a pleasant fragrance.

Massage When Blow-Drying

After washing your hair, if your hair is not yet completely dry, you shouldn’t immediately lie down, watch videos, or play with your phone. Wet hair may lead to a heavy feeling, overheating, and increased oiliness, or even hair loss. Therefore, you must thoroughly dry your hair before going to bed or engaging in other activities. Also, while blow-drying your hair, you should avoid using hot air. Use warm air and dry your hair gradually, especially ensuring the roots are dried. This way, your hair will have a more voluminous feeling. Additionally, combining it with a scalp massage helps in enhancing the cleansing and ensures a longer-lasting fragrance in your hair.

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