What nutrients are lacking for dry, split hair?

Do you have long-term issues with dry, frizzy hair that tangles easily, leading to frequent hair loss when combing, or experiencing sensitivity and brittle hair that breaks easily? These hair problems can affect many individuals.

In reality, these hair issues may not be exclusive to those with dry hair; individuals with normal or oily hair types can also experience them. The primary reason for these issues is a lack of essential nutrients that keep your hair shiny and smooth. Identifying which nutrients are lacking and addressing them properly is crucial for resolving these problems.

1. Oil (Sebum)

A lack of oil in your body can lead to dry hair, and this issue is often more noticeable in people who follow strict diets. The reason is simple: most nutrients come from the food we eat, and when you restrict your diet, it can limit the variety of foods you consume. Consequently, your body may lack the necessary oil content, and this deficiency can manifest in dry and dull hair that loses its natural shine and smoothness.

2. Fatty Acids

Another significant reason for dry and split hair is a shortage of fatty acids. Fatty acids help nourish the scalp and hair follicles, keeping them in a balanced state. This balance is essential to prevent issues such as scalp inflammation, dryness, or hair loss. You can obtain an adequate amount of fatty acids by consuming foods like salmon, trout, and walnuts, or by taking fatty acid supplements.

3. Vitamin E

Vitamin E is a key nutrient that plays a vital role in maintaining the normal functioning of scalp and hair follicle tissues. It promotes scalp health and ensures the well-being of hair follicles. You can obtain sufficient vitamin E by consuming fresh vegetables, animal liver, as well as fruits like bananas and kiwis.

4. Hydration

While we typically wash our hair every 2-3 days, the moisture that your scalp needs isn’t solely derived from the water you expose it to during washing. It mostly relies on maintaining a consistent balance. Thus, particularly in the summer, it’s advisable to avoid prolonged exposure of your hair to direct sunlight, as it can disrupt the balance of water and oil on the scalp, leading to moisture loss and causing dryness in the hair.

5. Iron (Ferrum)

Iron-deficiency anemia can result from a lack of iron in your body. If your blood supply is insufficient, your scalp will struggle to receive an adequate flow of blood, making it challenging to supply the necessary nutrients. This can lead to dry, brittle, and easily breakable hair.

Remember, hair requires a balance of these essential nutrients to stay healthy and vibrant. Identifying the specific deficiencies and addressing them through a well-balanced diet and proper hair care can significantly improve the condition of your hair.

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