What are the active ingredients in skincare products?

I understand you as deeply as I understand myself.  Short words contain thousands of meanings. Only people with similar souls can see the elegance of mutual understanding. Understanding the meaning behind your words, comprehending your experiences, and appreciating your uniqueness. If you understand, there’s no need for a thousand words; if you don’t, a thousand words won’t suffice. Time will tell us that simple likings are the most enduring, ordinary companionship is the most reassuring, and the people who understand you are the warmest. The warmest thing in the world is when someone understands and cares for you, reads your warmth and understands your joys and sorrows. Understanding is more important than love.

And built on the foundation of companionship and understanding is a respect for beauty and pursuit. Although superficial appearances can’t compete with the warmth of the soul, they are the most direct and effective way for others to understand you. In the process of skincare and maintenance, the active ingredients and functions of the skincare products we rely on are what we should delve into. Tailor your choices, be efficient and effective. Today, let me explain to all you dear readers what active ingredients are found in the cosmetics and skincare products we’ve been using, and what their functions and effects are.

Superoxide Dismutase (SOD):

These enzymes have special physiological activity. They can eliminate substances that damage the skin, such as free radicals generated by the metabolism of the human body. They also have excellent repairing effects on damaged cells. Whether it’s long-term nights working overtime, acne, closed comedones, or other skin problems, they can provide relief and effectively combat skin aging problems.

Witch Hazel Extract:

Witch hazel extract contains special soothing factors and is commonly found in various cosmetics. It can effectively alleviate skin problems caused by long-term makeup wear, such as excessive oil secretion, dry and cracked skin, and enlarged pores. It also has anti-inflammatory and soothing properties, which are beneficial for increasing skin’s moisture content, balancing pH levels, and shrinking pores.

Propolis Extract:

Propolis, a pure natural substance, is renowned as “purple gold” in foreign countries. Propolis contains abundant bioactive substances, making it particularly suitable for those with dry skin and sensitive skin. It has itch relief, enhances skin immunity, and antioxidation effects. It is commonly used in various skincare products to nourish and protect the skin, prevent frostbite, and alleviate skin cracking.

In addition to the above, active ingredients in skincare products, such as aloe vera, white tea extract, lycopene, chamomile, rose, and honey, are widely used for their beneficial effects on skin maintenance. Strive to be excellent first and then be generous. If your horizons are not broad enough, you will only see problems; if your perspective is not wide enough, you will get tangled in trivial matters. May you endure the solitude and achieve your dreams, leaving behind stars and seas. The halfway point is always the most crowded, but you must go to the mountaintop to see the view.

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