What are pimple patches and how to use them correctly.

Hello, everyone! In this hot summer, your friendly editor is here again to provide you with updates! Before diving into today’s topic, I’d like to share a profound insight I recently had: What are the three outlooks?

Worldview: It’s how you view the world. A person’s worldview is shaped by their experiences and what they’ve seen and heard. For example, learning a new formula, reading a book, or making friends with a wise individual all enrich and expand your worldview.

Values: It’s about what you believe is right. Different people have different perspectives on the same issue. Some may believe in the power of knowledge to change one’s fate, while others see it as futile. Some may value health, while others prioritize wealth.

Life Philosophy: It’s a combination of your worldview and values. After reading numerous books, traveling many roads, you return to yourself and ponder, “What are my dreams, and what kind of person do I want to become?”


I hope that you can be friends with people who share your three outlooks, supporting each other to go further, rather than clashing with those whose outlooks differ, causing frustration! Now, let’s dive into the world of beauty together~`~~

Pimple patches are a familiar product, and in fact, they are hydrocolloid dressings. They can be used to prevent direct contact between pimples and makeup before applying cosmetics, helping to avoid inflammation and infection. These patches can also conceal the color of the pimple, ensuring it doesn’t affect your overall makeup.

So, how should you correctly use pimple patches?

When your pimple is mature, start by cleaning the affected area and ensuring that the skin around it is dry. Do not use toner, moisturizer, serums, or other skincare products beforehand as this can affect the adhesive quality of the patch and its ability to adhere tightly to the skin.

You can use a small sterilized needle to gently pierce the pimple. Then, peel off half of the protective paper of the patch and align it with the pimple. Afterward, remove the other half of the protective paper and press it down for 3 seconds. Make sure that neither the patch nor your skin is touched with your fingers.

For more severe pimples, it’s not recommended to use pimple patches. While these patches can absorb exudate, they don’t have antibacterial properties and aren’t conducive to healing inflammatory pimples. Using patches on ruptured pimples may even worsen the situation.

(Note: The text mentions “pimple patches” and their usage. Pimple patches are hydrocolloid dressings that are placed on pimples to help absorb fluid and promote healing.)

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