The difference between using different primers

Anxiety is the result of wanting to be strong, depression is the result of drilling into a bull’s-eye, insomnia is the result of worrying, a bad stomach is the result of complaining, a bad liver is the result of anger, a bad kidney is the result of fear, and nodules and breast disease are the result of anger.

Today’s disease is not yesterday’s disease, but the accumulation of time slowly formed. Think about it, the only thing that really belongs to us in this world is our own body. A piece of clothing is worth one thousand dollars, the label can prove it; a car is worth three hundred thousand dollars, the invoice can prove it; a house is worth five million dollars, the real estate license can prove it.

How much is a person worth? Only health can prove that a person has how beautiful, only skin can prove that life should never put time and energy on unworthy people and things above, and today I will give you a detailed introduction to the composition of our bottom makeup of the foundation, bb cream, air cushion, cc cream, cream, isolation cream, etc. in the end there is no difference between, and each has what method of use!

Foundation is mainly as a modification of concealer, adjust the existence of skin color, due to the inconvenience of going out to replenish the makeup, so can only be used as a pre-makeup primer and isolation, basically all the treasures need to use. The existence of bb cream is also equivalent to the foundation, play a role in neutralizing skin color, but its texture is thicker, generally applicable to normal skin, otherwise it is easy to clog pores.

The air cushion cc cream compared to the foundation and bb cream, can be used to make up the use of its play foundation, concealer effect, not easy to take off the makeup and make up is very convenient, very suitable for office workers.

The existence of skin cream and isolation cream is basically on the foundation before the decoration and use, play the role of adjusting skin color and sunscreen, can block the back of the makeup on the skin’s stimulation, blocking pores, the texture is more like a cream, so that the skin looks more delicate and shiny.

After the overall introduction, I believe that the treasure for these primer products have a certain understanding, but now the popular primer steps are mostly veil cream / isolation – foundation / bb cream – air cushion cc cream, can be in a certain period of time to keep the makeup fresh and long-lasting.

A woman’s appearance hides not only aesthetic, there is a rolling love of life, can dress up their own women, often in life can also reap the benefits of luck, to seize the opportunity to make themselves beautiful, young time to start, others in the even speed of aging when you are getting better and better looking, the beauty of the standard can be no standard, but there must be an attitude to live a good daily life, at the same time, but also do a good job of exquisite themselves, because the more beautiful, the more the more the more beautiful. Because the more beautiful, the more exciting life!

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