How to Properly Address “Combination” Skin?

Youth is often a time of innocence, while wisdom arrives in middle age. In our youthful ignorance, we make choices, and in our maturity, we bear the consequences. The best of our youth is exchanged for the most profound lessons. We grow through tears, and we live with laughter. This is life. Regardless of whether we live well or not, whether we are happy or sad, everything we endure is the price we pay for our past choices. Life doesn’t have wasted paths; every step counts.

As we approach the beginning of autumn, it feels like the summer’s heat has not dissipated, continuing to envelop every inch of our exposed skin. During this time, our skin tends to develop a condition known as “combination” skin. “Combination” skin, as the name suggests, appears oily on the surface with constant oiliness, but it is actually in a state of extreme dehydration. The main reason for this significant contrast in skin condition is attributed to our skin barrier’s maintenance and its effectiveness.

For example, using harsh treatments, exposure to strong winds, intense sun, irregular acid exfoliation, or even not properly regulating our skin after certain dermatological procedures can lead to damage to the skin barrier or thinning of the skin’s outer membrane. So how should we correctly address this skin problem and repair the damaged skin, achieving a balance between hydration and oiliness?

Simplify Skincare

In this skin condition, the first step is not to focus solely on oil control but to simplify your skincare routine. While oil control is necessary, excessive focus on it can worsen your skin’s oiliness. Streamline your skincare routine to 1-3 products, such as a cleanser, moisturizer, and face cream. When necessary, use some water-based or lightweight serums to minimize multiple irritations on your skin.

Focus on Ingredients

Here, I would like to introduce some suitable ingredients. When purchasing skincare and cosmetics, pay attention to the ingredients. For instance, ingredients like ceramides, hyaluronic acid, and squalane are excellent for repairing the skin barrier and providing moisture. Additionally, consider using anti-inflammatory and repairing products to repair the damaged stratum corneum and make timely adjustments.

Reject Dry Skin

Please do not assume that your skin should become dry to counteract oily issues. This approach can lead your skin down a more troublesome path, especially if you use soap-based cleansers and highly cleansing face masks. These practices can result in both internal and external dehydration of your skin, making it challenging for your skin to recover.

Life is a one-way journey, and I hope that everyone continues to move forward without looking back. Every day is a fresh start, so do not complain or regret. Strive to make the most of the present, as it is the greatest respect you can give to your own life.”

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