Beginners to avoid the thunder three make-up show dirty misunderstanding

Stay up late chasing dramas and playing games, sleep is not enough to make up for the coffee, and when it is time to study and work, and then drooped head, yawning, a face of sleepless fatigue. I do not know when to start, around many should be energetic young people, because of the lack of sleep, even the state of the elderly can not compare.

In fact, learn to adjust the rhythm of life, a good night’s sleep, far more cost-effective than to make yourself dizzy. If you are really bored, tossing and turning, you can try to drink a glass of warm milk, read a book for a while, listen to a few songs. Then turn off your cell phone, no longer thinking, beautiful into the dreamland, is to learn to enjoy life’s first step ……

Hello all the treasures, do you know why your own makeup is so dirty? Obviously cosmetics with not cheap, techniques and tips also collected a lot, but always can not achieve the effect of beauty bloggers, of course, part of the reason is because we do not have the advantage of the bottom of the beauty blogger, but the biggest difference is that we are not in a number of details of the control in place, and some of the time the eye learned, but the hand did not learn. Below, I have compiled 3 big makeup dirty misunderstanding, I hope to help newbie makeup babies quickly adjust the state, find the hand, draw the perfect makeup!

Base makeup misunderstanding

  • Foundation color choice is too white or too black, resulting in a very obvious layering on the face and their own original skin color, it will highlight the obviousness of the flaws, and can not play the effect of covering, only dissolved in the skin of the foundation on the face is more texture some. After the foundation in the concealer process, but also pay attention to the symmetry of the concealer color and skin color, in covering the flaws at the same time the transition is natural, and at the same time in the primer set makeup, need to give the foundation some film-forming time, you can choose to set the makeup spray or wait a few minutes more, so that the primer is dry and then set the makeup.

Eyebrow Misconceptions

  • Makeup at a glance on the dirty another misunderstanding is the eyebrow, sometimes the color of the eyebrow is too heavy will steal the show, we should pay attention to the process of choosing the eyebrow pencil than the hair color, so that the overall matching makeup will not be too abrupt.

Eyeshadow Misconceptions

  • When applying eye shadow, eye shadow brush to take the powder pay attention to not a large area of the eye, otherwise the brush to the range will be uncontrolled, the correct practice is to take the powder vertically, a cross-section of the brush to take to the powder can be, followed by a little bit of circles from the bottom of the eyelashes upward excessive, eye makeup will be a lot of clear and do not show dirty. At the same time, the blush on the face of the misunderstanding with the eye shadow is the same, need to pay attention to its on the face of the dosage and ways and means.

Life is a process of continuous self-improvement, where you pay, will be where the harvest. Can adhere to others can not adhere to, will have others can not have, a little change, better than a set in stone. Every day reading, exercise, early to bed and early to rise, when you adhere to a period of time will find that you have long become a better self.

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