Which type of people are most prone to spots

In our side, always be able to appear such a group of special people, they do not carry out deliberate skin care, but also from no contraindication, sweet, sour, bitter, salty and salty can eat, even if you stay up all night partying and working overtime the next day to wake up puffy, dark, spots as if they are not related, which is what we say in the mouth of the lucky physique, however, this physique for most of us are not used, a lot of treasure children are still The skin is still plagued by various problems. Today, I want to discuss with you, which type of people are most likely to grow spots?

Often cooking

  • Often cooks in the cooking process of the treasure child produced in the soot gas will greatly accelerate the speed of damage to the skin, soot contains some harmful gases, will stimulate the skin to produce melanin, which leads to the deposition of pigmentation.

Frequent anger

  • Emotions are the source of all skin problems and one of the formation factors, if the long-term emotional instability and accompanied by anger, will make their own endocrine disorders, melanin can not be metabolized normally, over time the skin will be born spots.


  • During pregnancy, women not only have to suffer from swelling, back pain and other problems, along with the increase of estrogen, melanin is also secreted, which makes it easier to produce stretch marks.

Often stay up late

  • After 10 o’clock at night until 2 o’clock in the evening, it is the best time for our liver to make blood and detoxify, and it is also a good time for skin self-repair and metabolism, however, staying up late for a long period of time makes the skin wastes not be excreted efficiently, thus melanin deposition occurs and spots appear.

Do not pay attention to sunscreen

  • In the concept of some treasures, always on the sunscreen awareness is not high, however, if you do not do a good job of sunscreen, ultraviolet radiation as well as excessive play cell phone, blue light radiation will lead to melanin deposition, thus forming spots plaque.

Improper matching of skin care products

  • Skin care products should be selected to suit their own skin type, rather than blindly follow the trend, the skin stimulation of their own ingredients will cause skin rejection of allergies, serious cases will also make the pores, spots and acne generation acne.

Love sweets

  • Anti-sugar anti-sugar, anti-sugar is the food in the sugar, the body of the complex enzyme if encountered sugar will be activated to generate melanin, so the more you love to eat sweets, the more likely you will have spots.

Thinking more is the problem, think open is the answer, treasure must avoid the wrong way of life and habits, to avoid the generation of spots, the days ahead, may we all, hand in hand with fireworks for life, with poetry to love, to spend the rest of their favorite way. Let nature take its course and go with the flow ……

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