The relationship between the five internal organs of the human body and beauty.

If the things you did in the previous year cannot become the ladder for the next year, and the actions from the past five years cannot serve as the foundation for the next five years, then a decade wasted will likely lead to a lifetime of mediocrity.

As the saying goes, “A horse travels a thousand miles to see the world, while a donkey walks in circles around a grindstone.” There are no wasted paths in life. It’s either you’ve built your legend or accumulated your follies. There’s a classic saying: the most challenging thing in life is to do only one thing throughout your life, and the saddest thing is to do one thing at a low level. Even if you do a lot and work hard, it’s just repetitive mediocrity if you don’t continually improve your knowledge and skills.

In Traditional Chinese Medicine, great emphasis is placed on the unity and integrity of the human body and its relationship with nature. The formation of the body’s unity is centered around the five organs complemented by the six fu organs, which are connected through the meridian system, serving as a bridge between the internal organs and the limbs. The five organs represent the five systems of the entire human body, encompassing all organs within these systems.

Now, Xiaoxi will elaborate on the relationship between the human body’s five organs and beauty based on the principles of Traditional Chinese Medicine.

Heart and Beauty

The heart governs the blood vessels, with its radiance manifesting on the face. It also opens into the tongue. The heart governs the spirit, which encompasses all the activities of life. Blood serves as the primary material foundation for these activities. When the heart is filled with vital energy and blood, the spirit is clear, thoughts are sharp, and one exudes vitality. In summary, the heart is the key to beauty. When the heart remains young, the effects of skincare and beauty can be fully realized.

Lungs and Beauty

The lungs govern qi, including respiration and the body’s qi. When the lung’s qi functions normally, the airways are unobstructed, and breathing is even and regulated. If lung qi is deficient, symptoms like fatigue, weak voice, and shortness of breath may occur. The lungs also govern the skin and body hair, promoting warm and moisturized skin and muscles. Therefore, individuals with poor lung function tend to have pale and dull complexions instead of radiant and healthy skin.

Spleen and Beauty

The spleen governs transportation and transformation, particularly the digestion, absorption, and transportation of nutrients. The spleen controls the blood, overseeing its flow and distribution. When the spleen’s function of controlling the blood is weakened, various bleeding disorders may arise, such as purpura. The spleen also governs muscles and limbs. The spleen’s strength in transforming and transporting nutrients is closely related to the strength and health of the muscles. If the spleen and stomach are problematic, most skincare products will not penetrate into the deeper layers of the skin.

Liver and Beauty

The liver stores blood and regulates blood volume. The liver also governs the free flow of qi and emotions, affecting digestion. Furthermore, the liver dominates the sinews, with its radiance manifesting in the nails. If liver blood is damaged, the sinews lack nourishment, leading to symptoms such as weak sinews, numbness, and hindered overall metabolic capacity.

Kidneys and Beauty

The kidneys store essence and govern growth and reproduction. There is a distinction between congenital and acquired essence. The kidneys control water metabolism, maintaining a relative balance of bodily fluids. The kidneys also govern receiving qi, hence the saying, “the lungs govern respiration, and the kidneys govern receiving qi.” Only when kidney qi is abundant and the intake of qi is normal can the lung’s airways remain unobstructed, and breathing is even and regulated.

The kidneys govern bones and produce marrow. The kidneys store essence, and essence produces marrow, which nourishes the bones. “Its radiance manifests in hair.” Hair growth, shedding, moisture, and dryness are all related to the prosperity or decline of kidney essence.

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