Luxurious Green Skincare: MAY LINDSTROM Review

As I age, I become increasingly fascinated with skincare products. While I enjoy makeup, I also desire the glow that comes with having great skin. With the ongoing battle against hormonal acne, nourishing my skin has become even more crucial. So, when I stumbled upon May Lindstrom a few months ago, there was no doubt I would fall in love. A luxurious non-toxic skincare brand crafted with artisanal ingredients? What’s not to love?

Before I delve into my experiences and review of this brand, let me first introduce May’s background. As a child grappling with extremely sensitive skin, May began formulating her remedies from a young age. The inspiration for her skincare line comes from those who suffer emotionally. Each product is crafted in small batches in her Los Angeles studio and is handmade to ensure the highest quality.


Expect to pay between $80 and $180. While their products aren’t cheap, the materials used are of exceptional quality!

May Lindstrom’s product formulations are meticulously crafted. Each ingredient is carefully selected for its superior quality (May Lindstrom only collaborates with trusted suppliers she has known for years and can guarantee their excellent quality); the formulas are pure and 100% beneficial to the skin. May Lindstrom products are undeniably of exceptional quality.


This depends on where you order from. May’s website offers free delivery within the United States and usually arrives within a few days. I recently placed an order on a Sunday morning and received my products by Wednesday.

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Who It’s For:

Anyone seeking high-quality, non-toxic skincare products. All products are made with the highest grade ingredients. May goes to great lengths to eliminate as many intermediaries between her and the sources as possible to ensure she gets the best quality. If you have skin issues or are very sensitive, I recommend checking out the May Lindstrom range.


Yes! Depending on where you go or order from, you can get samples. I’ve ordered directly from the May Lindstrom website twice and received nice sample sizes. They come in glass jars that you can reuse when traveling. Despite their small size, they ensure the best quality of the product.

Would I Repurchase:

Absolutely. I’ll admit I was hesitant at first, unsure if I would repurchase anything. But I went a whole 24 hours without Youth Dew before repurchasing.


Overall, I love every product I’ve tried. If my wallet permits, I’d use her entire line every day. If you have skin issues, the Problem Solver would be fantastic.

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