How to use double eyelid patches properly?

In modern makeup, many eye-catching looks are built on the foundation of double eyelids. This has made people fond of double eyelids. However, for those with monolids or less prominent double eyelids, making your eyes appear as double eyelids is crucial. The quickest way is to get double eyelid surgery, but some may be deterred by the risks associated with it. Therefore, most people opt for double eyelid tape.

Today, we bring you a detailed tutorial on using double eyelid tape, hoping to help those who love beauty achieve double eyelids effortlessly.

Pre-Makeup Application:

First and foremost, apply double eyelid tape before makeup. Gently wipe the eyelids with toner using a cotton pad to remove excess oil and dirt, ensuring that the double eyelid tape adheres better and looks natural.

Adjusting the Shape:

Based on your eye shape, adjust the shape of the double eyelid tape. If you have inner double eyelids, it’s recommended to cut the tape into an olive shape, wider in the middle and narrower at both ends. If you already have double eyelids but they’re not very prominent, you can cut one-third off at a 45-degree angle to highlight the crease. Adjust the width and shape according to your specific type.

Positioning the Inner Fold:

Use a micro-needle or a Y-shaped tool to locate the spot where the double eyelid tape should be applied. This is usually where the inner double fold is visible. If you want a more significant and pronounced double eyelid, you can position the tape slightly higher than the inner fold.

Applying Parallelly:

After completing all the preparatory steps, remove excess moisture or gel from the double eyelid tape. Then, pull the eyelid taut and accurately apply the pre-cut double eyelid tape parallel to the positioned inner fold. Finally, press gently with the micro-needle to make it look natural and appealing.

In addition, there are currently three main types of double eyelid tape on the market. One is made of gel material, the second is olive-shaped, and the third is lace-like. Besides double eyelid tape, there is also double eyelid glue. Regardless of the type of double eyelid tape, it’s essential to choose one that suits your eye shape and the degree of monolids. Also, don’t use double eyelid tape too frequently to avoid issues like sagging or detachment.

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