How to use different color concealers? See here for the correct way to use it

On the big screen, female celebrities captivate many with their sheer, flawless makeup. However, the makeup of these stars isn’t heavy; it emphasizes a natural, unadorned look. Achieving this effect involves employing specific makeup techniques, and among these, concealing imperfections plays a pivotal role in creating a perfect and natural base.

Today, let’s delve into the varied effects and purposes represented by different colors of concealer, and how best to cover issues such as dark circles, blemishes, and enlarged pores. This serves as the initial step in presenting oneself flawlessly.

Green concealer primarily works to correct the skin. If you frequently experience redness or have a yellowish undertone to your complexion, using green concealer can make your skin appear more natural. Yellow concealer isn’t commonly used and is more suitable for individuals with cooler skin tones. Its purpose is to add a touch of warmth to pale skin, but most women tend to prefer a fairer complexion, so yellow concealer isn’t commonly employed.

Purple concealer’s main function is to counteract yellow tones and eliminate any hint of yellow on the skin. Pink concealer gives the skin a delicate, rosy appearance, reminiscent of a spring lotus. However, this rosy effect isn’t suitable for all makeup styles; it’s more practical for a cherry blossom-like, cool-toned makeup look. Orange concealer is effective in covering facial spots and blemishes, making imperfections appear inconspicuous.

Blue concealer aims at balancing and correcting. It smoothens out minor facial wrinkles, giving an overall radiant appearance. Once you’ve selected the right concealer that matches your skin tone, how do you effectively cover imperfections such as dark circles?

  • For covering dark circles: Begin by applying concealer in a small triangular shape under the eyes, then blend it evenly using your fingers or a small brush. If the dark circles or puffiness aren’t severe, you may also opt for concealer liquid or a concealer pen that maintains skin moisture without caking.
  • For concealing blemishes: Use a concealer with thicker texture on the affected areas, blend it evenly, and finish by setting it with loose powder.
  • For hiding smile lines: Choose a slightly brighter shade of concealer than your skin tone, apply it along the lines, and gently tap to blend evenly.

That sums up our discussion on the selection and application techniques of concealer! “There are no ‘ifs’ in life, only outcomes. If you’ve done your best and worked hard, that’s what matters.” Life entails two major pains: not getting what you desire and losing what you already have. What’s gained isn’t always a blessing, and what’s lost isn’t necessarily a misfortune. Time keeps moving, life goes on; embrace reality—every experience is a part of growth. Regardless of what happens, always smile through life. Those missed opportunities and people will eventually teach us to cherish. Let’s be individuals with strong hearts, living earnestly without complaints, calmly leaving the past behind, and peacefully anticipating the future!

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