How to Recover from Skin Bursts Quickly?

In the spring, many treasure children will always meet such a kind of skin trouble: the skin is itchy and dry will also be accompanied by peeling, so what is going on? In fact, this belongs to the skin barrier has been damaged, which will make the skin feel very dry. However, the reason for this problem can generally be attributed to the following points.

Spring is dusty and windy, and due to this natural environment, this leads to the development of atopic dermatitis;

Excessive use of chemicals in cosmetics, hair dyes, and homemade skin care products can directly damage the skin;

Skin immune function disorders, the immune state decline, easily induced a variety of skin problems.

So in the face of skin breakouts, allergies, red itching and other problems, how should we quickly first aid?

Rapid first aid

If you have a big occasion or a date coming up and you need a perfect base makeup, then you need to do some first aid for your skin. First of all, use a cotton pad with an affordable, mild and non-irritating toner to apply a wet compress for 5 minutes, then mix the cream and essential oils to become a mask thickly applied to the skin breakout, and then wipe off the thickly coated mask after 10 minutes with a washcloth using a circular motion, so that we can get a relatively smooth skin condition.

Streamline skin care

Compared to first aid, we should pay more attention to the daily maintenance, in the process of removing makeup, as far as possible, choose makeup removing oil rather than makeup removing water, to reduce the friction of the hands on the skin. In the skin care process, abandon whitening, antioxidant and other functional products, do a good job of basic moisturizing and maintenance, moisturizing water + cream + eye cream (depending on the individual situation) + sunscreen (you can ignore the makeup, it is best to choose the physical sunscreen or the combination of physical and chemical way) to wait for the skin to slowly recover.

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