How to Properly Care for Your Skin During Menstruation?

There is something that, when it comes, you may feel very annoyed, but if it doesn’t come, you may feel anxious. This thing visits you once a month, and every time it knocks on your door, it makes you feel uncomfortable and restless. I believe you can guess what it is!

That’s right, it’s the menstruation, which both pleases and frightens countless women. Although the period can be a significant physical and emotional challenge, when you think about it, throughout a woman’s life, she may meet her period about 400-500 times, not even counting irregularities or absent periods. Moreover, the absence of menstruation to some extent signifies the natural aging process.

Today, I want to discuss not menstruation itself, but how to properly take care of your skin during this period. Many people have misconceptions about diet, lifestyle, and skincare during menstruation, so let’s take a closer look.

During Menstruation:

During the first 1-7 days of your period, women experience decreased secretion of luteinizing hormone. During this time, our own resistance and skin’s antioxidant capabilities are weaker. The most noticeable effects include dry and sensitive skin, lack of radiance, enlarged pores, thickened keratin, and increased sebum production. It’s also common to experience breakouts during this time, often referred to as “period pimples.” In addition, unavoidable eye puffiness and increased pigmentation causing dark circles may occur.

The priority during this period is to moisturize and hydrate your skin. Skin’s absorption capabilities diminish, so avoid overwhelming your skin with excessive products. Instead, use hydrating and moisturizing products to help buffer and protect your skin while adjusting its water-oil balance.

Ovulation Period:

After menstruation, when the previously low levels of female hormones start to rapidly rise, you enter the ovulation period, and your skin reaches its optimal state. During this time, your skin is in its best condition, making it the ideal period for more targeted skincare routines. This is when you can effectively use products for whitening, anti-aging, and wrinkle prevention.

Luteal Phase:

The luteal phase is characterized by higher secretion of luteinizing hormones. During this phase, your skin may become rough, produce excess oil, and you may experience breakouts and dark spots. It can also be challenging for individuals with sensitive skin. Since your body retains more moisture during this phase, your skin might become oilier, so controlling oil is crucial. Opt for oil-control cleansers and lightweight lotions to maintain your skin’s normal functioning, while keeping stress at bay.

Note: Menstrual cycle lengths and symptoms can vary among individuals, so it’s essential to pay attention to your own body’s signals and adjust your skincare routine accordingly.

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