How to get rid of red and black acne marks

For the acne marks believe that all the treasures more or less in their own face have seen, after all, no one can put the sudden acne perfect deal with good, so the existence of acne marks for ordinary people that is more than normal.

But careful treasure have not found, the same is the acne marks, but its color in the form of a difference still exists, red acne marks are generally improperly handled for acne caused by poor blood circulation left, and for the black acne marks is relatively more complex, is long acne skin pigmentation, and during the period of pressure by external forces and lead to damage to the skin tissues, thus making the melanin particles increase, and then the black acne marks appeared. The black acne marks are not easy to remove.

Acne marks are not easy to eliminate, but through our long-term care and accumulation of life, over time to lighten the acne marks, accompanied by light makeup, is the most rapid step to create smooth skin.


Exercise can promote blood circulation, but also can strengthen the body’s metabolism to promote the removal of melanin, so from the source is conducive to the elimination of red and black acne marks.

Work and rest

Emotional stability and adequate sleep, so that the body’s metabolism level is in a normal or even positive state, then you can achieve the same effect as exercise.


Reduce spicy stimulation in the diet, eat more 0mega richer food, vegetables, such as salmon, beans, kelp, amaranth, etc..

Sun protection

For red acne marks if you do not protect against ultraviolet damage, along with the deposition of melanin is very easy to change into black acne marks, and has formed black acne marks, we must reduce the formation of melanin from the source, rather than just whitening, it is recommended that the chemical + physical sunscreen, multiple combinations to lighten the acne marks.

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