How to deal with a high hairline?

A high hairline can be a lifelong concern for many women. A high hairline can reveal a smooth forehead, creating the illusion of thinning hair (or perhaps it’s not an illusion, but reality!). Additionally, our hairline is not simply predetermined but can evolve over time due to poor lifestyle habits and dietary choices. Hair with a high hairline is generally soft and sparse, making it challenging to style and time-consuming to maintain.

Many individuals seek ways to address the issue of a high hairline. The most direct approach is to increase hair volume. However, regrowing hair is not a quick fix, and it’s akin to trying to cultivate crops in barren soil.

Today, I want to share some tips to visually mitigate the appearance of a high hairline by changing your hairstyle. By mastering these techniques, those who struggle with their hairline can feel more confident in various settings, without feeling helpless, even during important occasions.

  1. Create Volume at the Crown: You may have noticed that some female celebrities have a higher crown when they attend events. Although their actual hair volume may not be significantly thicker, a higher crown, which refers to the vertical distance from the front hairline to the top of the head, can give the illusion of fullness. Individuals with a higher crown typically have fuller head shapes, complementing a wide range of hairstyles. You can experiment with hairstyles that emphasize this high crown to visually extend the length of your hairline.
  2. Part Your Hair along the Hairline: When styling your hair, consider parting it along the hairline. This approach helps create the appearance of thicker hair on the crown, preventing the hairline from looking sparse. It can eliminate the stiff and rigid look of hair tightly adhering to the head, making your hairstyle appear fresher.
  3. Bun or High Ponytail: If your hair is lacking volume, you can make up for it by adding height to your hairstyle. Increasing the hair’s vertical height can enhance a youthful and vibrant appearance. By tying your hair in a bun or a high ponytail, you can create this effect, boosting your overall look. This style complements various types of clothing.
  4. Adopt a Healthy Lifestyle: The methods mentioned earlier can provide temporary solutions to the issue of a high hairline. However, to genuinely achieve thicker, healthier hair, it’s crucial to care for your scalp and hair in your daily life. This goes beyond the use of hair care products and involves maintaining a healthy lifestyle and dietary habits to promote long-term hair health.
  5. Wispy Bangs: Leaving a few strands of wispy bangs on your forehead can effectively conceal a high hairline and broad forehead. It can also create a charming and cute appearance while giving the impression of a smaller face. Wispy bangs are a simple way to address the issue of a high hairline.

Remember that these methods offer temporary solutions for the visual aspect of a high hairline. To genuinely address the issue and achieve thicker, healthier hair, focus on maintaining good hair and scalp care while promoting overall well-being.

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