How to Achieve Full-Body Fat Burning with Jumping Rope?

Women who are good at managing themselves, the most important thing is to have a good body. Instead of helplessly looking at perfect styles in the shop window that seem out of reach, it’s better to take immediate action and let your sweat flow. This is an eternal truth: no matter what styles are popular every year, a good body is a must-have. Self-discipline can give you plenty of freedom. As the saying goes, losing weight is not so easy; every piece of flesh has its own temper. But if you can master the right methods, losing fat becomes much easier.

Below, I will introduce how skipping rope exercise can achieve overall fat burning effects, targeting both those with a small body mass and those with a large body mass. Sometimes, the decrease in the number on the scale doesn’t necessarily tell you everything. What’s important is the change in your body fat percentage. Body shaping is far more important than losing weight. Therefore, I hope to help friends who are currently struggling with weight or hesitating, to take action, choose the right fitness methods, and create a more perfect self.

High Knees

Before skipping rope, you can start with 50-100 high knee exercises based on your own adaptability. It’s important to perform high knees correctly, with your abdomen tucked in and your waist straight, and your thighs touching your hands as you raise your knees. In addition, small body mass individuals should run while doing this exercise, while large body mass individuals should perform it at a normal walking pace. The reason for this distinction is to protect the joints, especially the knees, of those with a large body mass to avoid injuries due to excessive force.

Jump Rope

The high knees exercise serves as a warm-up, helping to activate all the joints and muscles in the body and preventing injuries during the rope skipping. Depending on your personal circumstances, aim to do 500-1000 rope skips. It’s best for those with a small body mass to use a weighted jump rope, which can better coordinate your movements and provide better fat-burning effects. For those with a large body mass, non-weighted jump ropes can be used to achieve the same full-body exercise effect without being constrained by the location.

Thigh Slaps

After skipping rope exercises, perform 50-100 thigh slap exercises based on your own circumstances. This is an aerobic exercise that allows the body to rest while stretching. It also provides good fat-burning effects on the thighs and abdomen.

Double Jumps

According to research, jumping rope is the fastest way to burn fat. Running for 30 minutes burns approximately 300 calories, while jumping rope for 30 minutes burns about 500 calories, equivalent to 90 minutes of jogging. After your body has relaxed to some extent, do more than 1000 double jumps to quickly stimulate the awakening of the body’s exercise cells and achieve better fat-burning effects.

Back Kicks

After completing the above steps, perform 50-100 back kick exercises. These can relieve the sore muscles caused by exercise and enhance the flexibility of muscles and bones, improving the exerciser’s basic metabolic rate.

Cool Down

Last but not least, you must engage in stretching exercises! Many people tend to overlook this step. If you don’t stretch and relax, the muscles that have been exercised will be sore the next day, making it difficult to continue. You can relax for about 10 minutes by stretching your joints and muscles.

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