Does long hair absorb nutrients from the body?

For many female friends, having a thick, smooth, and long mane of hair has always been their aspiration. But is longer hair always better? Having very long hair not only requires a lot of time and effort to manage, which can be a hassle in daily life, but it might also have an impact on one’s overall health.

There has always been a question among many people: Does having excessively long hair absorb nutrients from the body?

Some believe that long hair can absorb nutrients from the body. There’s a saying, “Hair is the surplus of blood,” meaning that the outward appearance of hair reflects the nutrients in the body. This suggests that the growth and development of hair are closely related to our bodies, and nutrients from the body are supplied to support the rapid growth of hair. Therefore, having extremely long hair might absorb nutrients from the body to maintain its growth.

On the other hand, some argue that excessively long hair does not directly relate to a decrease in nutrients within the body. Hair is primarily made of protein and lacks blood vessels and nerves. In reality, hair growth depends on the circulation of blood and the supply of nutrients to thousands of hair follicles on the scalp. The nutrients are absorbed by the hair bulb within the follicles. Therefore, it’s not the hair itself that absorbs nutrients but the hair follicles, which explains the variations in hair quality among different individuals.

Both theories mentioned above have some validity. However, for hair that has already grown, it hardly relies on nutrients from the scalp, and the rate of nutrient consumption depends on the speed of hair growth. Hair takes nutrients from the hair follicles to support its growth, and the nutrients within the follicles can come from external hair care practices as well as nutrients from within the body. Therefore, with proper external care, hair growth shouldn’t excessively deplete nutrients from the body.

While excessively long hair might not have a significant impact on one’s health, if the hair grows extremely fast and isn’t well-maintained, it may somewhat draw nutrients from the body. Therefore, it’s advisable not to let your hair grow too long. Typically, hair that reaches waist length is considered an ideal length, and longer hair might have some effects that shouldn’t be ignored.

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