Causes of spots on different parts of the face

Hello, my friends, as if I heard your call, I ran over here without stopping to give you an update! Recently, I received a lot of private letters in the background of the treasure children, the content of most of the problems around the facial skin spots trouble, and in fact, different parts of the spots of the reasons are not quite the same. So today, I will open the door to introduce you in detail several kinds of spots are most likely to appear in the skin parts, so as to help you faster distinguish the causes of the formation of spots, do a good job of skin care.

Zygomatic spots

  • The cheekbones are prone to chloasma, which is the circulating part of the small intestine meridian of the human body. When you find yourself feeling tightness in the chest and shortness of breath, loss of appetite and even diarrhea in your life, it means that you have some problems with your digestive system and heart function, and chloasma is inherent with it.

Spots around the eyes

  • Spots around the eyes are mostly caused by their own hormone level disorders. For women, if there are uterine or other gynecological diseases and endocrine disorders, then spots around the eyes are easy to appear.

Spots on the lower jaw

  • Chloasma on the outer side of the jaw indicates that the blood circulation in this part of the face is not smooth, and it is also a sign of deficiency of the spleen and kidney qi, which may cause cold hands and feet and soreness of the waist and limbs in life.

Spots on the forehead

  • Spots on the forehead are a sign of ovarian hormone and estrogen disorders for women, which can cause insomnia, palpitations and other sleep problems. Meanwhile, spots on the temples and crow’s feet are related to pregnancy, emotional fluctuations, and stagnation of liver depression and qi.

Spots on Lips

  • Lips are the location of the large intestine circulation in the human body, if spots appear on the lips, it is the cause of Qi deficiency and insufficiency of the large intestine cold, female friends can also be able to judge from the menstruation, whether constipation, whether the ovaries and uterus are abnormal.

Spots on the bridge of the nose

  • The bridge of the nose corresponds to the liver part of the human body, and most of the spots on the bridge of the nose are caused by easy anger or work stress, so to a certain extent, spots on the bridge of the nose are the most likely to appear, and can be avoided as much as possible spots exist.

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